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www.hughes-and-kettner.com - 1984 was a very special year in our company’s history. Stamer products had earned a good reputation in large parts of Germany and the time had come to chart the future course of our company. We were determined to conquer the international market and worked out a branding strategy that took into account the conventions of a market in which English and American companies figured prominently. So we brainstormed the brand name Hughes & Kettner. Today a synonym for the most advanced instrument amplifiers, the name is known worldwide...

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www.guitar9.com - Guitar Nine Records is a guitar-oriented record label located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our first CD, 'Guitar Haus' was released in 1997 by guitarist-composer Dan McAvinchey. McAvinchey also writes the "The Power To Release" columns in our on-line magazine that will help you to understand the steps that must be taken to release your own record. McAvinchey is currently working on another CD for Guitar Nine Records...

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www.igorboiko.com - За свою динамично развивающуюся творческую карьеру Игорь Бойко уже успел сыграть с такими великими музыкантами, как: Рэй Чарльз (Ray Charles), Билли Кобэм (Billy Cobham), Майк Стерн (Mike Stern), Лэрри Карлтон (Larry Carlton) и многими-многими другими...

www.stevelukather.net - Steve “Luke” Lukather is a session musician, songwriter, arranger, producer and guitar player, best known for his work with pop/prog-rock band Toto. In addition to his work with Toto, Lukather has released several solo albums...

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